Smart Accountants Terms of Service and Conditions

1. Responsible use and conduct:

Smart Accountants use “PACIOLI” – a Robotic Automation, that can generate the forms in one touch. The usage of our resource requires users’ data like Name, email id, contact number, identification, etc.., By giving so, you are agreeing to the points that the provided information is true to YOUR knowledge, accurate, and updated.

During accessing the resources on our website or while logging in to our website, you may be needed to give your details. Hence, you are responsible for every single data, associated with any of your accounts and confidentiality.

Accessing our resources other than the specifications provided by us is rigidly not permitted. There should be a specific agreement from you that you won’t access it by any means, without our knowledge.

Breaching into our networks and/ or servers, and resources are strictly not permitted.

You are thoroughly accountable for the losses, difficulties faced by the company either directly or indirectly, and maybe provoked to respective liabilities.

We have posted much content like blog posts, comments, Frequently Asked Questions, user reviews, service descriptions, etc. Here, we aren’t observing the contents being posted on the website by the users and the respective user will have whole responsibility to post and apply it properly and ethically.

While doing so, you are accepting not to advertise any of the other illegal, unethical, scurrilous, despoiling, racist, false, invasive, or objectionable contents on our website.

Not to contravene into a particular company’s logos, product, and trade secrets, patents, or proprietary rights of any party.

Not to encourage illicit and unseemly posts.

Not to make a parody of any other persons. More importantly, it also includes Smart Accountants agents or representatives.

We have the whole right to discard any of the illegal, unethical, false, harmful, or any content that affects the personal rights of a community. By posting your phrases, you are accepting to our wordings that if your content comes under any of those mentioned ones, you will leave us to remove and won’t post any of the intricacies regarding this. 

The liabilities imposed on a certain 3rd user or you due to the corresponding contents, we won’t take up the part. But, if harmful content is being posted on our website on any open-source platforms, then we are wholly bound and at the same time, we have got the complete power to eliminate or to amend until it fits good. Also, the information or content specified here includes only the open-source words and not the data you give during the registration process. It falls into the Privacy policy.

This online gateway serves as a space to strengthen the professional relationship existing between the inquisitive “you” and the experienced “us”.

2. Constraints in Warranties:

Every content, given on this platform is stored in our database as “as such” you delivered to us during the registration process. Hence, you are accepting that all the correctness in the data is checked by you thoroughly and submitted.

And also, while furnishing the details of the PAN and Aadhaar card, it is principally for availing self-service and we rigidly won’t stock them on our website.

3. Constraints in Liabilities:

Following with the warranties, you completely accepting that any requests put forth for any of the products and/ or services, will be confined to the payments given. Smart Accountants won’t be accountable for liabilities due to either direct or indirect breakages or losses.

4. Constraints in advertising:

Smart Accountants’ web page may have sponsors and advertising content. The user agrees that any illegitimate errors occur due to those advertisers or sponsors, then we won’t take up the responsibilities.

By submitting our webform, you agree to receive promotional calls on the number shared, and such calls and SMS would be coming from a third party platform

5. Constraints in errors or improvements:

Smart Accountants won’t give the assurance of a comprehensive error-free environment or exclusion from the bugs. However, we thrive to make improvements in the complexities at the service time.

6. Constraints in violations:

Smart Accountants supply the rights to attempt the solutions at the legal side and pausing our limitation to an extent of providing equity and not beyond that like blocking the particular server and stop from accessing our page.

7. Adjustments in terms and conditions:

The change of terms and conditions may happen at any time. So, if the user enjoys our services, then we will assume that the user has read the whole new terms and conditions and accepting to the terms mentioned.

8. Constraints in the Third-party contents:

You may be needed to go through contents that are totally out of the box from the Smart Accountants, who are the Third parties. Smart Accountants is solely not responsible for and accepts the liabilities for any blunders, exaggerations in the law, libel, slander, calumny, exclusions, misrepresentation, indecency, or abuse, representations, or any other form appearing on our web page.

9. Constraints to the user’s content:

Any content that has been posted over the Smart Accountants’ open-source platform, then you are admitting to a royalty-free, irremediable, all-encompassing right and license to utilize, replicate, modify, adapt, publish, translate, and to further steps to mutate the harassing comments. However, if there’s sensitive content found out, it will be kept secured.

10. Constraints in communication:

However, the data deletion due to sabotages in the network falsities, data corruption, backup breakdown, or any other difficulties occurred externally out of control from us, then we won’t take up the responsibilities.

11. Constraints in endorsement:

You are accepting the statement that any misuse that happened to one personally due to the service out of range from the company, then we won’t be responsible for such mislaying. The user also accepts that Smart Accountants are inoffensive in case of the liabilities or losses occurred due to faults in the connection or during the usage of our service. This surety also applies to the founder, employees, and the office.

12. Constraints to promotions:

Smart Accountants’ purpose here is not to produce any kind of promotions or to formulate advertising platforms for their users. But allows users to make usage of the resources and get benefited for their better future. However, users are allowed to get guidance and clarifications.

13.Constraints to copyrights:

All the elements encompassing the design of the website, company logo, Blog contents solely belong to Smart Accountants. If it has to be adopted or reframed or reformulated, that should be approved by the Smart Accountants. 

14. Winding up the contact:

The role of your part in our company can be eliminated by us at any time, in case of finding that you have attempted to breach or misuse the company’s information. In addition to that, we possess the whole right to cease you along with the deletion of logged in account and discarding of abusive contents.

15. Judicial clarifications:

Smart Accountants is established in Tamil Nadu, India. User diversity from all over the countries can’t bound the laws of Tamil Nadu, India. Since accessing the website and gaining and purchasing resources from it comes under the United Nations Convention Sales of Goods.

You are agreeing to the statement that any further issues can be met in the courts of Tamil Nadu, India.

15. Paybacks and reversals:

Once the product or services from Smart Accountants have been purchased by the user with completed payments, then he/she isn’t allowed to cancel at any causes and expect refunds.

16. Shipping/Membership Policy:

You as a customer can cancel your order anytime up to the cut-off time of the slot for which you have placed an order by calling our customer service. In such a case we will refund any payments already made by you for the order.

17. For more details, contact:

Once cancelled or order returned, refund will be processed in the original mode of payment, which will be credited within 7 to 10 working days

18. For more details, contact:

Smart Accountants,

No.138, F3 B Wing, 1st floor, Ameen Manors, Nungambakkam High Rd, near Indian Oil Bhavan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034.