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A thriving start is essential for any business endeavor to succeed. That’s why we’re here to help you gain a secure footing in the market and set yourself up with customized solutions and strategies guaranteed to ensure success in your venture! With our assistance, you can have confidence that your business start will be well-planned so that results are achieved quickly.

Business Stages where you can get our support

Are you having difficulty taking your business to the next level? We can help by providing financial analysis, locating state funding for various operations and research endeavors, and assisting with outreach to investors. Moreover, we will assist in developing a strategic plan that includes methods of obtaining capital (public or private) as well as accurately valuating your company’s model. All these steps are necessary in order to ensure success within your startup venture

As your company has seen an upswing in sales and growth, we are here to support you with funding for the innovative developments of your products and services through public grants, venture capital investments, and secure financial foundations. Our experts will provide you with professional insight and assistance so that your business is set on a path to enduring success

You have already found success in the market, we can help integrate you into innovation ecosystems and provide assistance with financing rounds – from partial exits to IPOs! Throughout this journey of growth, there are sure to be hurdles that require careful consideration for successful navigation; our team will work alongside yours every step of the way as you discover new milestones

Searching for creative solutions, sensible investments, and an exceptional startup team? Our networking events streamline matchmaking opportunities while our investment monitoring & value creation services provide you with a better understanding of your investments. In addition, we also offer target screenings to ensure that every decision is the right one

We are delighted to assist you in connecting your startup with established companies! Our team specializes in swiftly bringing startups together with SMEs exchanging information on collaborations and integrations, as well as analyzing trends. With our help, identifying the perfect partner for your business is effortless. This way you can easily join innovative partnerships that will catapult your success

On top of our regional assistance, we also offer direct onsite support. That includes aiding in the selection and application process for available funding programs as well as engaging in local activities that can benefit your business