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With Zoho Books, I have saved three to four hours of my daily working time and have almost avoided all accounting errors and mismatches

Impact Consultancy and Business Solutions Journey

When Mr. Nanda Kumar started Impact Consulting and Business Solutions, he had one vision in mind: To be the most preferred HR service provider in the industry. Since the founding in 2012, they’ve pursued this vision with the goal to understand client requirements and provide the best staffing and HR recruitment services.

With over one hundred thousand active candidates in their database and HR services ranging from sourcing candidates to online skill tests, Impact Consulting acts as a partner for both corporations and job seekers to help find the right fit.

Life before Zoho Books:

When he kickstarted Impact Consulting, Mr. Nanda Kumar was responsible for handling all the aspects of the business—from sales, to signing contracts, to managing business finances. Initially, the billing was maintained via a local third-party solution and accountants took care of the bookkeeping activities on a part-time basis.

As the business grew, he started to face problems managing the business finances. “Disparate systems and manual work became tedious to manage, leading to mismatched data and repeat work,” Mr. Nanda Kumar said

Manual maintenance takes a toll on every business and Impact Consulting was no different. From invoicing to payment follow-up, Mr. Nanda Kumar’s time was consumed in managing the work all by himself. With the new GST system introduced in 2017, he decided to set things straight and started looking for a unified solution to not only handle all the billing and accounting, but also help Impact Consulting stay compliant to new tax needs.

Zoho Books made life easier:

“After checking a couple of other products on the market, I checked out the Zoho Books website. It was simple, convenient to navigate, and detailed all the features and solutions that I was looking for. So, I signed up,” said Mr. Nanda Kumar.

Though not from an accounting background, Mr. Nanda Kumar was able to quickly set up Zoho Books for his organization. With a little hand holding from his auditor, he was able to create new chart of accounts and associate them with sub-accounts for better bookkeeping. And as the admin, he has the sole control over all the transactions in Zoho Books. From raising invoices all the way through following up with customers, Zoho Books helps Mr. Nanda Kumar manage and track his business performance and cash flow—all in a single place.

“One feature that really facilitates customer payments is the payment reminder option. By setting up reminders, Zoho Books notifies me and the customer about the due payments and helps me keep track of all the receivables,” he said.

Apart from billing, he turns to Zoho Books to handle all miscellaneous business expenses. “I am able to add expenses like EB, IT and other office expenses inside Zoho Books. With just few clicks, I am able to register and keep track of all expenses,” Mr. Nanda Kumar said.

Another aspect that has helped Impact Consulting significantly is the ability to file GST from within Zoho Books. “With Zoho Books, I have saved three to four hours of my daily working time and have almost avoided all accounting errors and mismatches,” said Mr. Nanda Kumar. From generating tax reports to filing GSTR1 and GSTR3b, Impact Consulting can now file taxes on time without breaking a sweat.

Proper maintenance of accounts and easy GST filing in Zoho Books have made the biggest impact in my business.


What lies ahead:

“Proper maintenance of accounts and easy GST filing in Zoho Books have made the biggest impact in my business” shares Mr. Nanda Kumar. With the HR industry growing and a huge talent pool waiting to step foot into corporate work, Mr. Nanda Kumar expects to be on track for his vision by providing the best talent available for his corporate clients. And the best part is that he no longer has to worry about his back office operations, because they’re running smooth with Zoho Books.

Source – Zoho

Company Name

HR Services and Consulting

Using Zoho Books since

January, 2017

Why Nanda loves Zoho Books
  • Eliminated data mismatch
  • Reduced the manual work
Features Nanda likes the most
  • Payment Reminders
  • Expense Management
  • GST Filing