The 5 Best Cloud Based Accounting Software for 2022

The best way to keep your business running in these digital times is with accounting software. There are many different types of programs out there and you don’t want to make a mistake when choosing one! The key thing that’ll help narrow things down for ya? Look at what features each program offers so they can meet all needs without any hurdles or problems along the way – after all this should be an option rather than having something extra added onto their list because “they offer.”

 Accounting software is a great way to handle all your business’s financial needs. In this article, we’ll explore the top cloud-based accounting programs available and help you decide which one will be right for YOU!

Why do you need accounting software?

1)Invoice creation and sending.

2)Maintaining a record of your income and expenses.

3) Get organized with your finances to avoid tax headaches.

4)Payroll processing and time tracking

5)Monitoring the profitability of a project in order to make better decisions.

6)Financial accounting.

2022's Top 5 Accounting Software for Small Businesses
  1. QuickBooks

  2. Zoho Books

  3. FreshBooks

  4. Wave


Quick Books

QuickBooks Online is the ultimate tool for any small business owner who needs to manage their finances. Not only does it have everything that someone with an accounting background would need, but there are also online training resources and forums where you can get help when needed!

Feature highlights

1) integrating the payroll process with QuickBooks online is a snap.

2) inventory management and other additional features

3) time tracking

4) Additional users are permitted.

5) budgeting

QuickBooks is a great cloud accounting software that has all of the features you need for your small business at an affordable price.

Price:- The four subscription plans are as follows.You can either go for the free trial or get 50% off on any of these plans:-

  • $15 per month for self-employment

  • Simple beginning: $25 per month

  • A simple start: $25 per month

  • $50 per month for the essentials

  • In addition: $80 per month

$180 per month for advanced

Zoho Books

If you’ve been looking for an accounting software that will handle all your financial needs, then look no further than Zoho Books. This cloud-based solution is designed to make sure business owners don’t have too much on their plate by providing seamless integration with 40+ other platforms – saving time and headaches!

Feature highlights:
  1. An Android and iOS app is available.
  2. Create invoices in several languages and send recurring bills automatically.
  3. Keep track of your expenses, mileage and sales tax with this app!
  4. With our Premium plan, you’ll have access to a custom domain.
  5. Define your monthly expense budget, manage cash flow with ease.

FreshBooks:  offers a free 30-day trial period.

  1.  $15 per month for Lite
  2. In addition, $25 per month
  3. Monthly premium: $50
  4. Choose: Custom pricing

Wave is a free small business money management software. It has many other products for payroll, invoicing, payments, and so on, all of which can be easily integrated into a single system.

Feature highlights:

  • It keeps track of your income, expenses, and sales tax.

  • Examine your company’s performance.

  • Produces reports on overdue invoices, cash flow, profit and loss, and other topics.

  • Organize your expenses to make the tax process easier.

Price: Free


Xero is a cloud accounting software designed to make your small business’s day-to-day operations easier. This fantastic software provides a 50% discount on its pricing plans for the first three months after purchase.

Feature highlights:

  • Keep track of project time and profitability.

  • Keeps track of your receipts and documents to assist you with tax filing.

  • Create and share invoices, and keep track of each customer’s invoice history.

  • Tools for financial reporting and analysis

  • Payroll integration with Gusto.

The following are the price plans:

Early payment: $5.50 per month

Increasing: $16 per month

Establishment fee: $31 per month

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