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Casual Taxable Person under GST

Under the new GST law, there is a new provision for one-time events or transactions

Who is Casual Taxable Person under GST?

A person who supplies taxable goods or services occasionally in a taxable territory is called a Casual Taxable Person. They can act as either the principal or agent for business or anything else they want to be.

Registration Procedure for Casual Taxpayers

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Basic eligibility for CTP under GST registration

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Temporary GST Registration

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FORM GSTR-1 provides details about how many goods or services sold. You have to file it on or before the 10th day of the following month.

FORM GSTR-2 is a form that has information about inward supplies goods or service of the firm. You have you file it after your 10th but before the 15th day of the next month.

FORM GSTR-3 must be filed after the 15th day of the present month but before the 20th day of the next month.

A casual Taxable Person doesn't need to file an Annual return like normal payers.

Apply for GST before the end of your registration. The extension cannot be more than 90 days after that. The extension will be allowed only when you pay additional tax for the time it is extended.

The GST certificate of registration for a casual taxable person is valid for ninety days starting from the date it becomes active. The officer can extend this period by an additional ninety days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check the list of frequently aksed question. If your queries still remain , Our expert team will be happy to clarify them.

Casual taxable persons provide goods and/or services, but they do not have a fixed place of business. They may work as the primary, an agent, or any other way. They do business in one state or territory from another.

People who meet the criteria for a casual taxable person are required to register under GST.

People who sell goods and make less than Rs. 20 lakhs a year (annual turnover) is not required to register for GST. But if it exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs, they do need to register.
Only some people who make handicrafts need to register for GST. But the threshold limit is comparatively high (Rs. 20 lakhs, or Rs. 10 lakhs if they fall into special category states).

No, people who are casual taxpayers cannot pay tax under the composition levy.

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If you make handicraft goods and your annual sales are more than 20 lakhs, or 10 lakhs in special category states (except Jammu and Kashmir), then you must register.

To register, a person has to pay an advance deposit for taxes. The payment is equal to the person's tax payment for that period.

If you make a deposit to the Common Portal, your temporary reference number will be given to you. Once you have money in your electronic cash ledger, you can get a registration certificate from the Common Portal. This is done by filling out Form GST REG-02.

In India, you have to register at least 5 days before starting a business.

A person who doesn't have a GST number should fill Form GST REG-01 to register GST.

A casual taxable person can only start to make taxable supplies after the advance deposit has been paid and they have a certificate of registration. This certificate is valid for 90 days, or until the application for registration is complete, whichever comes first.