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In this era where mobile phones and the web occupy integral parts of our lives, business in India is changing to such an extent that most companies can be reached with just one click.

 Swiggy delivery app provides modern-day customers with access from their favourite restaurants by delivering foods right at home – without any hassle whatsoever! You can order food from their swiggy app or swiggy website and the delivery will be made by people who are dedicated to getting it there quickly and they’ll bring you a tasty meal without any hassle, while also giving your stomach some rest time!

Motto: Why would you go anywhere else when we’ve got the best deals around?

Swiggy franchise, India’s most popular food delivery app has come up with innovative methods to provide complete restaurant ordering and delivery solutions. They plan on reaching out through their unique technology that can connect you directly to home-based restaurants located within your neighbourhood!

 Many small restaurants owners/ stalls have wondered how to tie up with swiggy? We recommend they read this chronicle to understand the benefits of collaborating with swiggy and the benefits associated with it.

Partner Advantages

By becoming a Swiggy partner, a restaurant can gain the following advantages.

  • A restaurant can reach out to many customers, resulting in increased sales.

  • A restaurant must only spend money to obtain a commercial location; there is no need to spend money on establishing a restaurant. As a result, operational costs will be reduced.

  • Swiggy will handle the delivery processes, so there will be no need to look for external delivery people or hire vehicles to deliver food to customers.


Swiggy Partnership Procedure

Online food ordering is gradually becoming more popular, prompting several restaurants to collaborate with Swiggy. The steps to partnering with Swiggy are outlined below. Also, they can fill in their details in swiggy partner registration form.

Step 1: Make contact with Swiggy.

 To partner with Swiggy, restaurants must leave an enquiry on the organization’s Partner Registration Webpage.

 Step 2: Make Contact with a Sales Representative

 Swiggy’s sales representative will contact the applicants.

 Step 3: Consultation with a Sales Representative

 The Swiggy representative will meet you in person to discuss your requirements and answer any questions.

 Step 4: Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

 An agreement must be reached between the applicant and the sales representatives.

 Step 5: Compilation of Records

 Following agreement on the terms, a few basic records are gathered and dissected within a few days.

 Step 6: Acquiring a partner

 Following the completion of these formalities, the restaurants will be recognised as Swiggy partners.

Documentation is required.

The documents needed to become a Swiggy partner are listed below.

  • FSSAI registration documentation.

  • PAN Card for a Partnership

  • A cheque for Swiggy restaurant registration has been cancelled.

  • A copy of the GST registration as well as the tax information.

The proprietors’ contact information.

Swiggy charges a commission.

Swiggy is the digital platform that connects you with local foodies and restaurants. The swiggy registration fee has a commission of 15%-25% in developed markets such as Bengaluru. In locations where an eatery is new to your community they charge 16% and if someone promotes one specific restaurant through their app it will be 7%.

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