Representative Assessee

The Representative Assessee is a person who acts as the legal representative for another under sections 160 (1) i) and 163(g). The law relating to representatives assessors can be found in ITA section 160 which allows them when assessing non-resident taxpayers, like you!

Under Indian tax laws there are many different types of individuals that may have contact with outside parties such us NRIs or even other companies themselves so they need someone able enough at dealing effectively & professionally across borders


Appointment of Representative Assessee

If an individual is unable or unwilling to complete their own income tax, they can appoint another person on behalf of themselves so that the assessment goes through.

The most common reasons which this appointment occurs include:

  1. The taxpayer is not present in India.
  2. The taxpayer is an NRI.
  3. Any other reason.
Representative Liabilities

If a person wants to become an assessor for NRIs, they must firstly be willing and able-bodied. Secondly the representative assessee takes on liability as if it were his own money being taxed; however there’s no need that he receive any income from those individuals because tax would still apply even though its going through someone else’s wealth (the NRI). If this sounds complicated than don’t worry! There are two types of representatives: taxable ones where you’ll have taxes withheld at source like salaried employees do but will also file returns every year along side.

What are the Procedures to Add Representative Assessee ?

 In order to add a new representative assessee on the Income Tax portal, follow these steps.

 Step 1: Log on to the website

The user has visit https://www.incometaxindiaefiling . gov/.

 step-2: he next step is to select Add/register as Representative.

 When the user clicks on My Account, they must first click on Add/register as Representative and enter their information.

 step-3 Click the New Request button.

 At this point, the user has to click New Request and Select ‘Add another person to represent on your behalf’. Then, select proceed

Step 4: New Request

Under Request Type, the user then has to click New Request and Select ‘Add another person to represent on your behalf’. Then click ‘Proceed’.

 Step 5: Click on Reason

 Click on any one reason number to continue.

 Step 6: Enter respective details

 Please enter the Representative’s details and click on submit.

 Step 7: The step before final is to enter the PIN.

 The user will be asked to enter their phone number and email address. Once they have submitted this information, a PIN will be sent along with it so that you can validate your purchase!

 Step 8: The final step is Alerting

 The representative will be alerted through an E-mail and mobile number. They can check this by logging in, then clicking ‘For your action’ under Wordlist

Steps to Register as a Representative

In order to become an assessor for another taxpayer, the representative must complete these steps.

 Step-1- As a first step enter to the government website

 click to enter – https://www.

 step-2 –Enter credentials  to login in

 please enter – user ID, password, Date of birth, and Captcha code. 

 step-3-select Register/Add

 Begin in your account, select Register/Add

 step-4- New Request

 Under Request Type, the user then has to click New Request. Select ‘Add another person to represent on your behalf’. Then click ‘Proceed’.

 step-5- Attach Documents

 Before submission, upload the relevant documents.

 Step-6- Verification

 Once all required documents are attached and submitted, the E-filing admin will verify to know the selection and rejection.

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