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A director identification number is a number for people who want to be a director of a company.
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This constitutes the basic architecture need of the Public Limited company formation.

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What are the basic eligibility criteria for Public Limited Company Registration in India?
In India, a minimum number of members to form a public company is 7 or more shareholders and 3 directors. Before this law, the minimum share capital was 5 lakhs. At present, this is modified by the Companies Act 2015.
What are the benefits of Registering a Public Limited Company?
Here are some benefits of a public limited company:
1. Public limited companies have more capital capacity than private limited companies.
2. This company has the power to enlist for trade on a stock exchange.
3. There can be as many as shares in a company, and there is no limit.
4. Shareholders are not responsible for any of the business or financial decisions. They do not have to take part in the day-to-day management of the company.
5. Shareholders have the right to transfer their shares without needing permission from someone.
What is the most Authentic Process of Registration of a Public Limited Company in India?
There are two methods of registering a public limited company anywhere in India which are given below:
Fill out the form INC-29 to incorporate your company with the MCA.
1. Get the approval and reservation for any of your proposed names through Form INC-1.
2. Forms INC-7 is for incorporating a public limited company. Fill the form and then forward it to the government.
3. To make a company, you need to fill out Form INC-22 and Form DIR-12 with all the required documents.

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