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What is a LLP ?
What is a LLP ?

LLP is the most preferred configuration among young entrepreneurs

Is LLP best for your Business Model ?
Is LLP best for your Business Model ?

Undoubtedly, LLP's are similar to Pvt Ltd Co., But, is it the best for your Business Model ?

Know Your LLP Compliances
Know Your LLP Compliances

Know your duties after Incorporating your Limited Liability Partnership

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LLP Registration

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Quick LLP Registration

Important Characteristics Of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

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Documents Required
List of documents required and pre-requisite knowledge base
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Registration Process
Know about the flow of tasks for the registration completion of your LLP
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Check out the frequently asked questions, answered by our experts in-depth
Features of LLP
Partnership, Private Limited Company or LLC? Discover the LLP features before you decide
LLP Registration

Discover the Advantages of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Entrepreneurs choosing an LLP over incorporation of a private company is due to its feasibility, hassle free, and convenient operability

Advantages of LLP

Other advantages of incorporating an LLP to keep a note on are

Separate Legal Identity:
Separate Legal Identity:
LLP defines a separate legal entity just like companies. The contracts signed under the name of the LLP assures stakeholders with a sense of confidence.
Partners have limited liability
Partners have limited liability
LLP shares a sense of limited liability to the partners completely based on the individual's contribution.
Low Cost & Less Compliance
Low Cost & Less Compliance
The best part of starting off as an LLP is the cost. The cost invested to start as an LLP is low as compared to defining a public or private limited company.
No compulsory audit
LLPs are not required to get an audit done.
No tax on dividends
LLPs are not required to pay tax on dividends
No minimum contribution
there is no minimum amount of money required
Online LLP Registration

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Bank Account Opening For An Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Opening a bank account for an LLP is way more easier than considering opening a current account for a sole proprietorship firm because an LLP is registered as a legal entity. Hence once an LLP is incorporated a bank account can be opened with the incorporation certificate and address of proofs

Converting an entity into Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

An existing company or a partnership firm can be easily converted into an LLP. Moreover, this conversion into an LLP is backed by multiple benefits.

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What are the annual compliances for the LLPs?
A limited liability partnership is mandated to file return with Form 11, the financial statement of the accounts and solvency. Alongside, They also need to file an income tax return.
Is form 8 mandatory for the LLPs?
LLPs in India have to file a form called LLP Form 8 or the Statement of Account and Solvency. It is filed with the MCA every year, no matter how much money you make.
Why is it necessary for LLPs to comply with the ROC compliance?
LLPs are corporate bodies with the rules and procedures set up by law. LLPs must file annual returns with details about how much money they make. If they don't, they will be penalized heavily.
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