Guaranteed Return on Investment- Hyderabadi Biryani Franchise

Guaranteed Return on Investment- Hyderabadi Biryani Franchise

Due to its enormous potential for value addition, India’s food sector has emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector, particularly in the food processing market. Hyderabadi Biryani Adda is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that specializes in genuine Hyderabadi Nawabi food and is one of the most famous biryani in Hyderabad.

 Biryani is a South Asian culinary heritage that is one of the best cuisines. Hyderabadi Biryani successfully gave one of India’s most popular meals a new spin. The prerequisites and procedure for establishing a Hyderabadi Biryani Franchise in India are discussed in this article.

Benefits Of Owning The Franchise

To delight every client that visits Nizam’s Kitchen Hyderabadi Biryani house outlets by serving authentic Biryani in a clean, ethnic atmosphere, followed by Nizam’s Legacy. Starting a Hyderabadi Biriyani Franchise in India can be a lucrative venture. Some of the most compelling reasons to open a Hyderabadi Biriyani franchise are as follows.

 Possibility of up-selling, cross-selling, and increasing the per-customer value sale; Partnerships with renowned worldwide and national food suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and consistency; The Hyderabad Biryani hotel offers a low-cost way for an ordinary man to start his own business. Continuous food product innovation, with excellent options tailored to the local flavour profile, leading in high footfall and customer appreciation; Secure and standardized operating method; hygienic preparation and fast-moving food take very little time to serve.

 Additional benefits include excellent inventory management and shelf life of more than one year, ensuring almost no product wastage; franchisee-friendly business model with high ROI even on a small investment; and franchisee-friendly business model with high ROI even on a moderate investment. Initial and end-to-end training for the franchisee and his team, with follow-up guidance; and ongoing marketing and brand building support, including a social media presence and regular handholding, adequate coaching, and operational support to help you expand your business together with us.

Investment & Spacing Particulars

n order to open a Hyderabadi Biryani franchise, aspiring entrepreneurs must invest the following amount. For this franchising opportunity, they offer three business models:

  • Model A (Express Food Court): Franchise Capital Investment of Rs. 12-15 lakhs; Franchise Fees of Rs. 6 lakhs; Royalty/Commission Fee of 6% of Net Sales.

  • Model B (Fine Dining Restaurant): Initial Franchise Capital Investment of Rs. 20-25 lakhs; Franchise Fees of Rs. 8 lakhs; Royalty/Commission Fee of 6% of Net Sales.

Model C (Fine Dining Restaurant): Initial Franchise Capital Investment of Rs. 30-35 lakhs; Franchise Fees of Rs. 10 lakhs; Royalty/Commission Fee of 6% of Net Sales.

The following are the locations where the Hyderabadi Biryani Franchise can be started: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu are in the south, while Maharashtra and Goa are in the west. The unit franchise outlet should be located in a prime area. The required space area for the stated type of Restaurant models is as follows.

  • Model – A Food Court – Express – Carpet Area 300 to 400 sq. ft

  • Model B (Fine Dining Restaurant) – Carpet Area 600 to 800 Sq. Ft.

  • Model C (Fine Dining Restaurant) – Carpet Area 1200 to 1500 sq. ft.
Our Terms and Other Details

Hyderabadi restaurant employees must sign a formal agreement promising to keep trade, secret Hyderabadi spice, and proprietary information confidential. A franchise agreement with Hyderabadi Biryani includes a contract that lasts for three years from the date of signing. After the franchise agreement has expired, the franchise can be renewed.

 The interested individual can pursue their interest by going to the establishment’s official website and filling out the appropriate information. To initiate a franchise inquiry, applicants must complete the processes outlined below.

 Applicants must first go to Nizam’s Kitchen Hyderabadi Biryani’s official website. Then, from the website, you must download the form as a word document. Fill out the application form completely and save it to your computer. Send the completed franchise form, together with your e-mail, to the following address:

 You and your chief operator must attend and finish the Hyderabadi Biryani operations training programme before opening your restaurant. The full operating guides are provided to the franchisees. The training will take place in the Bangalore headquarters.


During the training programme, all essential field assistance will be provided. In addition, the Head Office will provide expert support to a franchise in the opening of franchise outlets. The franchise will also contain current Information Technology (IT) systems.

Contact Us For All the Support You Need!

The corporation provides unrivalled support to its franchisees when they start their business. They will assist you in every step of establishing “Nizam’s Kitchen” as part of the corporate franchise. The following items are part of the support system: Site selection; store layout and design; purchase of store fixtures; supply of merchandise; store opening; purchase of computer terminals and software; store operation procedures and manuals; franchise and staff sales and systems training; design and assistance in marketing promotions; and inventory management.

Here’s our address: 109, Gopi Cine Mall, N.S.S. Road, Dombivali (West), Thane (Dist), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 421 202. Contact us;









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