Everything You Need to Know About Green Trends Franchise

Everything You Need to Know About Green Trends Franchise

In India, the beauty and grooming business is booming, with a lot of possibilities for expansion. Due to the increased desire among both men and women to appear trendy and feel good, green trends have emerged. For entrepreneurs searching for a retail-based service franchise opportunity, the Green Trends Salon franchise business opportunity is a successful and fulfilling solution. We’ll go over the steps for creating a Green Trends franchise in-depth in this article.

Our History & Vision

Green Trends aspires to reach a broader audience by consistently providing unique products and services that provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and hence serve as a role model.

Trends in Vogue Pvt. Ltd., a CavinKare Group company, owns Green Trends; Green Trend hair and style salon is the preferred brand for personal styling and beauty solutions;

Green Trends was founded in 2002, and the Green Trends Franchise was launched in 2010 to expand its reach; there are 75 Green Trends outlets in India as of now.

A chain of high-end styling and spa services in a sophisticated and tranquil setting. The following are some of the things that Green Trends services are recognized for:

  • Professional Services at affordable prices

  • ·The staff is courteous and friendly

  • Customer satisfaction is consistent through a precise salon experience

  • Constant Innovation

  • The most recent fashion trends with latest hair colouring

  • Aesthetics that are both clean and hygienic

Property & Monetary Investment Details

It is advisable to open a Green Trends Franchise location in a prime business or residential area with good visibility. The automobile parking facilities on the ground floor must be at a prime location. The minimum carpet space required is 1200-1400 square feet, with a minimum frontage of 15 to 20 feet.

 To open a Green Trends hair spa, aspiring entrepreneurs must invest the following amount. Franchise Fee- Rs. 6 Lakhs; Architect Fees- Rs. 0.60 Lakhs; Investment in Interiors- Rs. 20 Lakhs; Investment in Equipment / Furniture- Rs. 4 Lakhs; Visual Merchandising- Rs. 1 Lakhs; Pre-operative Expenses-Brokerage, Marketing Expenses- Rs. 1 Lakhs; Royalty Fees- 15% of Net Sales- Rs. 1 Lakhs.

 Return on Investment The annual return on investment is estimated to be 36 percent. Others–Rs. 6 lakhs would be spent on generator computers, linen, stationery, uniforms, and gadgets. The total capital investment is expected to be in the range of Rs. 40-45 lakhs.

 The calculation shown above will vary depending on the location. All operational expenses, such as cost of sale, cost of labour, semi-variables, and rent, must be covered by the franchisee. Marketing costs, licenses, and other expenses will be based on actuals. The Franchisee will bill and collect the sales.

What We Are and What We Look For

With over 400 salons distributed throughout 55 cities in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Odisha, Kerala, Puducherry, Delhi, and Lucknow, Green Trends unisex hair & style salon has identified places for the franchise all over the country. Green trends offers s a contract that is valid for a duration of five years from the date of signing. Once the agreement period has expired, the franchise can be renewed.

Candidates must meet the following criteria to be considered for Green Trends:

  • Desire to succeed as an entrepreneur

  • Integrity and honesty

  • Willingness to work in a structured and methodical setting

  • Participation in the operation of the business Investment

  • To manage employees and consumers, interpersonal skills.

  • Business Development and Orientation towards the outcome

  • Networking

Assistance and Contact Specifics

The corporation provides unrivalled support to its franchisees when they start their business. Induction and training; proper help and direction in site selection; finalizing architect and layout of the outlet; recruitment and training of personnel; pre-launch promotions; staff assessment and appraisal procedure are all part of the support system. Software and hardware support is provided in the form of point-of-sale software, as well as a business information system, vendor management, a quality tracking system, legal and statutory needs guidance, and other business assistance. 

The interested party can pursue their interest by going to the establishment’s official green trends website and filling out the required information in the area provided at the bottom of the page. The applicant’s name, phone number, e-mail address, state of residence, present city, investment range within reach, and other facts are among the information to be provided (optional). The entity will contact the applicant for further instructions after receiving these details.

 Contact us –Phone: 044 – 28352233; E-Mail: gtcare@trendsinvogue.in; Website: http://mygreentrends.in; Address: Trends in Vogue Pvt. Ltd, 98, Peters Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai-600 086.

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