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Steps for forming a Private Limited Company (PLC):


Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) subscription


Obtain your Director Identification Number

Registering Name

Check for name availability

SPICe+ Form

Fill form SPICe+ INC-32


Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association

PAN and TAN Application

Fill in PAN and TAN Application Forms


With Corporate Identity Number, the process gets completed.

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Digital Signature Certificate
Digital Signature Certificate
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Director Identification Number
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PVT LTD Company Registration
Incorporate a company

Limited liability to personal belongings: In a private limited company, the shareholders have limited liability. This means that they are only liable for the company’s debt up to what they have contributed. They do not have any personal liability and don’t need to pay the company’s debt from their own assets.

Legal Entity: A PLC is a separate legal entity from you. This means that the company will be responsible for its own debts and liabilities. You will never be responsible for the company's losses, and creditors cannot go after your personal assets to get back any money they lost.

Capital Growth: Registering a PLC means that the company will have to follow certain rules. But it is better for the company because they can raise money from their stockholders and limit how much they are liable for.

Reliable: A company in India can be registered with the Registrar of companies (ROC) and information about it can be found on the MCA's website. You should register a company as a public limited company because only this type of company structure is trusted.

Long Lifespan: A company has perpetual succession, or it will continue until it is legally dissolved. A company is a separate legal person that does not end when someone leaves. A company continues to exist.

  • Where Indian director and subscriber

People who want to be shareholders in the company need to sign an affidavit on a stamp paper. That means they are willing to become shareholders.

To prove where your office is, you need either an agreement or deed for Proof of office address.

You will need copies of your utility bills such as electricity bill, water bill or gas bill. They should be no older than two months.

Getting approval for the name of the company needs permission from central government. If you use a word or expression in your company's name associated to them, they might not approve it.

If the proposed name is based on a registered trademark or an application for company registration in India under the Trade Marks Act, attach the trademark registration certificate or copy of the application.

NOC means “no objection certificate”. The owner of the property needs to give permission for the buyer to move in. If the registered office is on a rented/leased property, then they need permission from the person who owns that property.

If you are a subscriber and this person does not have a DIN, you must attach the proof of your identity and address.

  • Where NRI director and subscriber

Proof of address: You can show your driving license, or another proof of identification that has your address on it.


  • In order to make the process easier for new and existing companies, starting from February 23rd 2020, the MCA will allow you to reserve a company name when you start your SPICe+ registration. In Part-A of the SPICe+, you can submit two names and one re-submission. You will then be able to reserve a unique company name in the future.

If the name of your company is rejected, you need to find another one. If the name is similar to a registered company, an LLP or trademark, or does not adhere to the Companies (Incorporation Rules) 2014, then you will need to change it. But after it has been approved you will have 20 days before your company must incorporate by filing Part-B of the SPICe+ form.

  • You can apply for the proposed name along with the application for incorporation. Part-B of the SPICe+ is an incorporation form This form is like the earlier SPICe form, but it also lets you apply for two things at once. You can combine your application for incorporation and name approval. You can only apply one name to this form.

In case of a combined application, in case of rejection due to non-approval of the name, the applicant will get a second chance at filling out the same SPICe+ form without paying any extra fees. This means you can fill out the same form twice without being charged an extra fee. You can use the "name applied for" or "application number" link on your dashboard to resubmit your SPICe+ form.

In the case that you do not get your name approved in the second go, you can start from scratch. It will be cheaper than if you went with the first option. The whole process including approval of your name and incorporating takes around 2-3 days.

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Online Company Registration using Robotic Automation

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Online Company Registration using Robotic Automation

I am a web designer, you guys are very inspiring. I wish to see more work from you, maybe more freebies. Using pixfort products made my life a lot easier!

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Company Registration in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you need to know about your PixFort license, based on the questions we get asked the most.

What is the time required to register a company?
The company registration process takes around 10 working days and includes approval of the DIN, Name and Incorporation. Nowadays registering a Company is easy as all documents are dragged in one application form with MCA. This is a big step towards e-governance and will be useful to businesses looking for expansion of their operations.
Do you have to be a PAN and AADHAR subscriber to be a member of MOA or AOA?
In the Companies Third Amendment Rules, it says that a person does not have to attach their identification when they have a DIN.
How many directors can use the SPICe+ INC 32 to get a DIN?
If you want to start a company, you can have 3 directors. You can use the integrated form for filing applications for DIN allotments.
What are the requirements to form a Private Limited Company?
You must have these things before you register for private limited company. The number of members must be between 2 and 200. You need at least two people to be directors and two people to be shareholders. Every director must produce director identification number (DIN). PAN card copies and passport copies for Non-Resident Indian shareholders.
Can the private company be incorporated with a residential address?
The company needs to have address proof when it is incorporated. But the Ministry of Corporate Affairs lets you use a residential address as the registered address for your company. So any address can be used as the registered address for your company.
What are MOA and AOA?
A Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a formal statement that a company's constitution and objects. It defines how the company will be run. The Articles of Association are defined under section 2(5) of the Companies Act. It has rules about how the company is managed.