Challan status Enquiry

The Income Tax Department facilitates taxpayers to track the status of their challan deposits through an Enquiry of Challan Status on TIN-NSDL website. This service can be availed by both taxpayers and banks, enabling them to verify whether tax payments have been properly accounted for in your name with just one click!

In this article we look at how you go about enquiry online–it couldn’t get easier than that!.

Challan Enquiry for Taxpayers

taxpayers can check the status of their deposit by going to either CIN-based or TAN based view on how they want it delivered.

What is CIN ?

The Challan Identification Number is a proof of payment for tax, as well as being necessary to make status enquiries. The taxpayer should ensure that their challan has an identifying number and stamp from the bank before depositing it into any account with responsibility over them- if this doesn’t occur or happens too late then you may approach said organization requesting they affix one themselves; but if all avenues are exhausted after following those steps have been taken there’s no need in contacting anyone higher up than your bank branch manager about such matters!

The requirements of CIN:- The serial number of your deposit form, date are all that is needed to track the status and Seven digit BSR code.

The following can be viewed by Taxpayer after providing CIN:
  • BSR Code
  • Date of Deposit
  • Challan Serial Number
  • Major Head Code With Description
  • Name of Tax Payer
  • Date of Receipt of TIN
  • Confirmation of the correctness of the amount entered if it was specified earlier
Steps to verify challan for CIN based

Step-1 – Go to CIN type in challan enquiry page

Step-2- Please enter the details of your latest challan, including BSR code and date on which it was deposited. A pawsome update will be made available after a week has passed!”

step-3- The system will display the challan status. If no records are found, contact your bank and ask them how long it has been since you deposited a payment onto this account

What is a TAN ?

Every Indian citizen is mandated to quote their 10 digit tax deduction and collection account number (TAN) in all correspondences with the Income Tax Department. Failure to do so would result in delays or errors while processing your payments, as Section 203 of India’s income taxation act specifies that only these individuals are capable-by virtue of being liable for paying taxes at source -of deducting them from remitted funds on behalf herewith; without this facility no one can transact business anywhere!

The following can be viewed by Taxpayer after providing TAN:
  • CIN
  • Major Head Code with description
  • Minor Head Code
  • Nature of Payment
Steps to verify challan for TAN based

Step-1 – Go to TAN type in challan enquiry page

 Step-2– filled out the date and deposit information 

 Step-3– The system will display the status of all payments made during this time. In case there are no records found, contact your bank and ask them about an old deposit that may have been mistakenly voided or a payment error on their end so as to clear up any confusion regarding this matter immediately!

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