9 killer Tax Saving Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

9 killer Tax Saving Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

If you’re looking for ways to save income taxes in India, then this blog is directed toward those who want more information on how they can reduce their income tax liability. We offer 9 pointers that business people and salaried employees should know when seeking out effective methods of reducing paying amounts owed by themselves or others through various means like filing tax returns correctly every year.

1. Leverage Public Provident Fund

Tax planning for salaried employees is a must and investing in government-backed funds is a smart decision because it guarantees your money will be there for at least 15 years and you can withdraw part or all of the investment after the 7th decade with an interest rate of around 8% which is one of the best tax saving options available.

2. Investing Wisely In Mutual Funds Is a Killer Factor

Investing in shares and mutual funds is an opportunity to save taxes for citizens who make less than 12 Lakhs per year and is a wise way for tax saving options for salaried people. The extra Section 80CCG deductions allow those with low income to invest money into certain companies or specific types of funds, which could lead them towards financial freedom with each financial year sooner rather than later!

3. Avail Of An Education Loan To Get Your Tax Deductions

The Education Loan is a great way to save on taxes by paying off your interest expenses. Section 80E allows individual taxpayers and married couples, alone or together as joint holders of an education loan on behalf of themselves or children to attend higher educational institutions without any limits which is a taxable income! 

4. Utilize Health Insurance 

If you’re a senior citizen, it’s important that your health care coverage is worth the money. This means getting extra benefits like dental or life insurance in case something happens and we can’t prevent them from happening with our current plan! But there might be an easier way of handling these costs by deducting all medical payments over 7% each year onto what tax liability remains after filing taxes and we recommend this option as one of the best tax saving schemes. 

5. Make Use Of  Leave Travel Allowance (LTC) For Tax-Deductible

The family-friendly option is a great way to keep your employees content and happy. This new feature will allow them the freedom of being able to take their loved ones with them on business trips, giving peace knowing that if one spouse or child depends upon another for income then both can enjoy time away and the tax benefits from home without worrying about finances!

6. Pay Rent To Get a Deduction In Tax 

If you are receiving a house rent allowance (HRA) from your employer, then claim an exemption for the payments made as per provisions stated in Section 10(13A) Income Tax Act. This will allow income tax savings when filing taxes and reduces what would have been owed had these funds not gone towards paying off accommodation costs!

7. Claim Medical Billing To Receive Deductions

If you’re a taxpayer, then it’s possible that your medical expenses could save tax. You need only provide documentation of any bills over Rs 15K in order for all charges submitted during this year to qualify as Section 80D deductions under the Income Tax Act-and there are some differences depending upon what type of insurance policy has been purchased from an insurer!

8. Keeping  A Copy Of Donations

The government has introduced an incentive to allow citizens of India who donate money for social or charitable purposes, the option of claiming deductions. They can do so under Section 80G in their income taxes act and this depends entirely upon what they are trying to contribute as a deduction-upwards from Rs 10 thousand! 

9. Availing Of  NPS Investments For Tax Saving

The National Pension System is the best way to save on taxes while also getting a tax break while every year people can claim up to INR Rs. 50,000 rupees under Section 80 c  exemptions by contributing their money and they will get another deduction of 50K which means that if INR 10 thousand fits within 30%, there could be an additional saving of 15600/-RS (Rs 14000 + 4%)


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