9 Killer Business Ideas that will dominate in 2022

In today’s world, there is a lot of potential for earning money with the right idea and investment. However many people lack both capital and creativity to make their business successful despite coming up with an excellent opportunity on how it should work – this happens because they don’t know what makes businesses succeed in our modern era where anyone can start one from a home computer!

The business gives you sole authority to operate rather than execute someone else’s orders. If starting a new company under 5 lakhs is what’s on your mind then this article has got some great ideas for businesses that can be started with just one capital investment!

Printing Firm

The printing business has been one of the most lucrative industries for startups as it prints cards, newspapers, and other items daily. With options such as flex printing or even Xerox, you can make good returns on your investment with just about any type of card needed- from invitation to business! You will also be able to generate significant profits based on how many are printed per batch/order quantity-wise so get started today by checking out these great start-up opportunities


 The idea of starting a small business is tempting, but not without the proper resources. You can rent out space in your local mall or street for less than 10k per month!

Pest Control Organization

The presence of pests like cockroaches and bed bugs is often associated with dirty homes, but it’s not just these creatures who pose a problem. They can also ruin farms produce if left unchecked!

The process of pest control can be a great business opportunity with little investment. You need only invest in the resources and chemicals necessary for eliminating pests, which will then generate an income from customers like restaurants or bars that often deal directly with property managers on such matters – they’re your ideal client base!


Maximum investment for this business is less than 2 lakhs

Food Trucks

The food truck is a new concept introduced in India from the west which provides an opportunity to cook and sell authentic Indian dishes. They appeal not only through their taste but also because of how these trucks offer variety for everyone who likes something different than what’s on offer at home or work!


The food business is a lucrative one. You need to invest in your vehicle, raw materials, and also manpower but the profits are always huge when it comes down to running this type of shop!

Retail Outlet

The retail outlet is the perfect place to find anything you need, whether it be newspapers or branded foods. These stores are becoming more popular by day because of their ability not only to provide small things like snacks for daily use but also large items such as groceries which can save people time during their travels around town! Owning one costs money upfront but if taken care of correctly will make your return worthwhile and long-term investment

Restaurant business

The restaurant business is one of the most diverse and dynamic industries in India. With such a large population, it’s important that your food satisfies customers’ taste palette; you can start this small-scale or buy an established location with enough capital available for decorating purposes if needed!The moment you get customers, your business will be set to roar and bring in huge profits.

Import & Export Ventures

The business of Import Export is definitely a lucrative and profitable one. It can be started by exporting food materials to wooden work based on your choice, but it includes some legal obligations as well which need attention along with custom charges!

 The product you sell is an important factor in the success of your business. This means that when buying or delivering products, make sure it’s something high quality and reliable so people will continue coming back for more!

Rental Equipment

This business can earn you a lot of money. You need to rent out all your equipment and make sure it’s available for different parties- usually including chairs, tables cloths decorations like lamps or lights (decorative), bamboo wire mesh among others things!

 With a long-term investment, these materials can be rented and brought at an affordable price. They’re also reusable so it’s worth your while!

Clothing Shop

The clothing industry is one of the most vibrant and growing industries in India. As more people are now taking an interest in fashion, there has been an increase in new stores that focus on clothes materials or readymade outfits to sell these products with great success! Investing 5 lakhs will get you started on your own cloth-based business where profit margins seem endless.

The store will be profitable if you have clothing for all gender of the population including kids. With a few lakhs investment, it can also open with an eye-catching design and keep clothes according to current market sentiments so that customers come in large numbers!

Biodegradable utensils

Biodegradable utensils are essential for almost any function, from wedding receptions to birthday parties. This business opportunity has become very lucrative and popular in recent years! This business is likely to generate a good profit once set up, but it requires capital for the raw materials and machineries as well as manpower. The product demand nowadays both paper cups or plastic plates are in high demand by customers which means that if you invest 5 lakhs then one machine can start generating profits


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