12A/80G Registration for your Charitable Trust NGO Society

Under 12A/80G registration, only once trust and charity institutions have to pay taxes

Benefits of 12A Registration
Benefits of 12A Registration
12 A registration has a number of tax and renewal benefits
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12A Registration Eligibility
12A Registration Eligibility
Based on the motive of the institution, Eligibility differs
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12A Registration Process
12A Registration Process
The flow of registration in proper sequence with necessary documents
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Documents Required

» You will need to submit a self-certified copy of an instrument that creates the trust or establishes the institution.

» The institution or trust may have been created otherwise than by way of drafting and registering an instrument. In such cases, the copy of the document should be submitted to Income Tax Department.

» If you want to register a company, you need to get a copy of the registration from the Registrar. The Registrar is usually either the Registrar of Companies, the Registrar of Firms and Societies or the Registrar of Public Trusts.

» You need to submit documents that prove you adopted or changed the goals of your company. Then, you need to submit it with the necessary documents to them.

» You need to submit records of financial statements for three years.

» Note on the activities conducted by the firm.

»In some instances, the Income Tax department may cancel the registration that you got. If you can rectify the mistake, then the department can reinstate it. You need to show them a copy of the order where they agreed to give you permission in the first place.

»If you previously applied for registration, the application might have been rejected. If that is the case, attach a signed copy of your order of rejection with the application.

Form 10A

Form 10A is a form that you should file if you want to register with Section 12A. The process for making an application and filing Form 10A has been made exclusively online. You will need a digital signature to make the online application and there is no way around it. To make an application under Section 12A, the founder or author of the trust should provide their digital signature. If you want to register your organization under Section 12A, you will need to fill out Form 10A. You can do it online, and you should send all of the necessary documents with the application. Address the application to the Commissioner of Income Tax, and be sure to have it all in order before filling out Form 10A.

12A/80G Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the timeline involved for the new 12A and 80G registration?
If you are a new company, with 12A and 80G, you can file for them at the same time.
Do I have to be physically present during the process?
No physical presence is required. You can do it all online and even at your home.
What is the validity of the new 80G and 12A registration?
Earlier, registrations for 80G and 12A were valid for the life of an organization. Now, in the case of provisional registration, the validity of 80G and 12A registrations has been kept at 3 years - or 3 years from when they first started their activities. In case of re-validation, the validity is 5 years.
When can a trust apply for 12A and 80G?
We can apply for 12A and 80G soon after the trust is registered. If the customer applies later, their ITR must be provided.
Can we apply for 12A and 80G separately?
Yes, you can apply for them separately. But it is easier to do them together.
How to check if my NGO is eligible for 80G registration?
All approved organizations and trusts can get 80G registration. Visit www.incometaxindia.gov.in and check your organization/trust to see if it is on the list of approved ones.