10 Exciting Small Business Ideas to Watch in the Coming Years

Risk-taking and boldness are two key traits for entrepreneurs, but many people struggle to find their perfect idea. The problem with not knowing what type of business you want can be solved by figuring out which industry or niche is best suited to your skillset before starting a company in that field.

With the recovering economy and changing customer needs, there are many small businesses that will see a huge turnaround in the coming years. We’ve put together this list of top 10 profitable types for you to begin your own successful company from scratch with no capital needed!

Computer Engineering

With the rise of technology and overseas manufacturing, many software developments are being done abroad. However, there is still a need for high-level computer experts who can tie systems together in order to create more seamless experiences within our modern world today’s digital economy where speed matters most!

Research & Development

New technology is making waves in medicine, manufacturing, and transportation with more to come. This means that there will be strong demand for workers skilled in biotechnology; nanotechnology; robotics or 3D printing which allows the manufacture of physical products from digital data files. It’s no wonder then why these fields show promise as they all rely heavily on cutting-edge research.

Psychiatric counseling

Mental health is as important to a person’s well-being as physical well-being, which will likely increase the demand for professionals in this field. Our studies show the need for marriage and family, child therapists who can help those with relationship issues or problems at home – one example among many others!


The human love for pets takes over as more and more people are choosing to have a furry friend. But with the fast-paced lifestyle we all lead, taking care of our lovable animals becomes near impossible which is why it’s considered one if not the best business starting in 2014!

 With a 5% growth rate each year, this pet care industry is quickly growing in popularity. Services like dog walking and cat sitting have become more accessible to the public while still maintaining high standards of professionalism that many people desire when it comes time for their pets’ needs to be met – especially those who live outside city limits or farm animals such as bees and chickens!

Greenhouse Gas auditors

The idea of a greenhouse gas audit is to hold private companies accountable for their environmental footprint. It’s dependent on policy making at this point, but if decisions are made that will stop impending climate change then jobs should follow!

 The world is changing. More people are focused on carbon markets and how they can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but there will also need experts in charge of making sure all this information from across different nations gets useful for our benefit later down the line- which depends largely upon policy decisions made today!

Cybersecurity Firm

We all know the risks of having our personal information online, but it’s become even more important to protect yourself in recent years. With smartphones connected wirelessly via WiFi or cellular data networks – any digital asset you own can be at risk! As technology evolves faster than ever before- there are now cybersecurity firms who help businesses ensure they’re safe from cyber attacks escalates too

 Businesses and individuals alike need to protect their information. States are only just beginning to pass laws that require companies to have written security plans for data breaches, but beyond this crucial step in preventing loss of customer records or personal identity, there needs to be more done on an international level too!

Stem Cell Pharmacy

As the science of stem cells continues to evolve, they may eventually replace traditional medicines like drugs. Stem cell technology has already been used in models of diseases and tests for new medications but as this innovation advances, it could push aside existing treatments altogether!

 Stem cells could provide a natural alternative to drugs and surgery. They have shown promise in treating degenerative diseases as well as regrowing damaged tissue after surgeries, which would replace the need for prescription medications at your local pharmacy!

Water Plants Organization

The coming conflicts over water are already appearing around the world. The need for more and better access is only going to increase, especially considering how much agriculture depends on it– humans will actually choose whether they drink their own tap or let plants have whatever little sprinklers may be leftovers from this scarce resource!

Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile marketing is the way of today and it’s becoming more popular with each passing day. Businesses should consider embracing this trend if they want their company to stand out from competitors!

 The demand for mobile marketing consultants is on the rise as more people are using their phones to browse the internet. With indicators suggesting that this trend will continue into 2020, there’s plenty of opportunity in waiting!

Social Media Enterprise

With the rise of social media, businesses are looking to consultants for advice on how best to use these platforms. This has created a demand that will keep growing as long as people continue using Facebook and Twitter!


If you’re feeling stuck and worried about the next steps in starting your own business- don’t be! Smart Accountants has an expert team that will help guide and support every step of yours towards success. To learn more about how we can help you become a successful businessman, please check out our website given below.


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